Street Food

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If you have wandered the streets of London anytime in the past year or so then most likely you have come across someone selling street food. It’s the fast growing craze that has taken us London ‘foodies’ by storm! What exactly is street food all about you might wonder? It’s about getting the best, freshest, tastiest and original food cooked right in front of you, and for a good price too. Street food is portable, it’s messy, but it’s all about atmosphere and experience, and sticky fingers are just part of the adventure!

Most street food vendors own only the one van or stall, so you know they put their heart and soul into producing the best food for their hungry customers. And they know if they don’t produce the best then people will just walk on by… it’s a cutthroat business, but the competitiveness between vendors and their drive to do better just adds to the intrigue, and means you will always find new, fresh and exciting food wherever you look. The quality of street food is even making us expect better quality from our food takeaway chains, food shipped in from a factory somewhere vs local produce hand made by the person selling it to you? There’s really no question is there.

So, keen to get out and try some of this wonderful street food we’re talking about? No matter what cuisine you are looking for, you will find it amongst the stalls and markets of London. From our location in the heart of Shoreditch we are just minutes away from the Sunday Up Market in Brick Lane, Kerb at Spitalfields Market on Wednesdays, Whitecross Street Market weekdays, Broadway Market on Saturdays, or the well-known Borough Markets in Southwark, and literally right on our doorstep we have Box Park, with its new and exciting food stalls and bars- all in shipping containers of course!

Spring has just begun and what better time to get out and about to experience new tastes, cultures and cuisines? So what are you waiting for, get out there, and get eating!

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