St George’s Day- 23rd April 2016

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Tomorrow, Saturday 23rd of April is England national day- St Georges Day! St George is the Patron Saint of England, and he is most famous for the legend of St George and the Dragon. The 23rd of April is the day to celebrate St George and his story, and all things English.

One way to join in the celebrations is to check out the Mayor of London’s annual Feast of St George which will be happening in London’s Trafalgar Square. There will be delicious traditional English food, live music and dance and family games, celebrity chefs giving cookery demonstrations, a great day for all the family.

But where do these traditions come from you might wonder? In the 13th century when the St Georges Day celebration originated it was a day of feasting, which is where the emphasis on sharing traditional English food originates from. St George was born in 280AD, and in this legendary tale the heroic St George saved a beautiful princess who was about to be eaten by a vicious Dragon who had been terrorising the country.

William Shakespeare was quite taken with the story of St George, and it was around his time that St George became known as the Patron Saint of England, and Shakespeare famously references St George in his play Henry V. Did you know that tomorrow is also the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death? This year’s Feast of St George will also celebrate Shakespeare’s life and his marvellous works with themed activities.

So why not come on down to Trafalgar Square to celebrate England, St George, William Shakespeare, and the English food you know and love. Entry is free of charge, and don’t forget to dress in Red and White!

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