Eco-friendly packaging

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Although Limoncello Catering have been using environmentally friendly disposable packaging for years, we have recently decided to step up our game and lower our Carbon Footprint by using fully compostable packaging for all small breakfast and lunch orders.

What is a Carbon Footprint, you might ask? It is a measurement of all greenhouse gas emissions caused by a person or company, which are a cause of climate change and damage to our environment. Vegware make Plant based disposable packaging, which is 100% compostable, made from recycled or renewable plant based materials which can be recycled along with food waste, and contain less carbon than plastic, being made from trees, corn and sugar cane.

By using these disposable packaging for small breakfast and lunch deliveries we alleviate the need to collect our platters the next day, which will reduce our carbon footprint by keeping our vans off the road when unnecessary. Our last order of eco-friendly packaging compared to regular disposable materials saved 5.452kg of Carbon, and had a Potential Landfill Diversion of 52kg.

For more information about environmentally friendly packaging go to , and please tell us what you think of our ‘Green’ packing when you receive your next lunch order!

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